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Augmented Reality for Education

School of Packaging at Michigan State University
Logo School of Packaging at Michigan State University

“At The School of Packaging we have integrated the Augment app into a lab exercise for the design technology course.”

Dennis Young, Specialist, The School of Packaging, Michigan State University

Get a free academic license

You want to use Augment for an academic project? Augment offers a Free Academic License to students and teachers. It allows you to :

- Upload up to 100 private 3D models
- Create up to 100 custom trackers
- Synchronize up to 100 mobile devices

To get started, create your Augment account, then send us an email including a brief description of your project and the email you used to create your account. We’ll activate your free license in no time!

How l'Oréal reps use Augment

Students, make your 3D projects stand out

Easily simulate your 3D projects in Augmented Reality. Impress your teachers and get a top grade. Express your creativity and get rid of prototyping cost and time barriers. See how High School students in Anthony, France, used Augment to simulate their new bus shelter design.

Teachers, bridge the gap
between theory and practice

The 3D visualisation and simulation in real time in a familiar environment facilitates students' understanding of concepts hard to interpret in 2D. Leverage Augmented as a pedagogic tool to kindle your students' interest and to stimulate their creativity through a playful and memorable experience.

How l'Oréal reps use Augment

Get your free academic license