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How l'Oréal boosts sell-in with Augment

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“Augment allows l’Oréal Professionnel to enter a new era of merchandising optimisation.”

Pierre Lampert, Deputy General Manager, Professional Products, l’Oréal

Augment is an Augmented Reality App
for Sales & Marketing

Augment is a mobile app to simulate your 3D models in Augmented Reality, integrated in real time in their actual size and environment. Augment is the perfect simulation tool for your sales reps and designers. Augment is also a powerful marketing tool to engage your customers in interactive print experiences.

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Augment app with a building and a character

Your brand deserves the best. Thanks to its amazing ease of use and visual appeal, Augment is the best rated Augmented Reality app on iOS and Android. The quality you expect for your team and customers.

“We were looking for a good working AR app. This beats the competition” - UK user

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Upload your 3D models & trackers

Sign up to Augment Manager to easily add your own 3D models and trackers and create your own Augmented Reality experiences.

Your 3D models can be exported from any 3D software : 3ds Max, Sketchup, Maya, SolidWorks, Cinema 4D etc...

Augment Manager

Gear up your team with
the most realistic presentation tool

Augment for Sales in action

Augment is a powerful visualization tool for your sales, design and marketing team.

Your team members can login in the Augment app and access all your 3D models offline. It’s the perfect tool to test your products in real conditions, boost your sales, or communicate on tradeshows.

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Bring print to life

With Augment for Print, bring life to your catalogs, brochures, flyers, signages, business cards, magazine ads, virtually any print content.

Anyone can scan your print with the free Augment app and see your Augmented Reality experience pop-up on top of it, including 3D models, videos or links to your mobile site.

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Augment for interactive print in action

Over 100 customers
boost their business with Augment

Small and big businesses in architecture, retail, packaging, industrial design, education, entertainment use Augment for its simplicity and impact on sales, design and communication.

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